We want to show Pierre Poilievre and Blaine Higgs a strong message of support from across the province when they gather in Saint John on March 15 for a special event. 

If you support Pierre and Blaine's common sense values then ADD YOUR NAME TO OUR BIG BLUE WALL OF SUPPORT! 

Elections New Brunswick rules allow for donations from all across Canada. You can also make a donation, purchase a ticket to dinner, or sponsor a ticket for a volunteer or student to make our event a smashing success!

We'll have Pierre share the amount raised from Conservatives across the country during his speech on March 15 in Saint John!

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Donations must be made through personal resources; no union or corporate donations. Maximum of $3000 per person. Each contributor will receive an official receipt in the form required by Elections New Brunswick. Contributions of money will be eligible for the New Brunswick Political Contributions Tax Credit available to residents of New Brunswick under the New Brunswick Income Tax Act.